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The Hoodwinked Collaborative is an international coalition of organizations and activists that was convened to produce and distribute the groundbreaking publication on false solutions to the climate crisis, Hoodwinked in the Hothouse: Resist False Solutions to Climate Change. Our education and movement building work seeks to shift the narrative on climate change away from false solutions that perpetuate systems of extraction and exploitation, and towards real solutions for climate justice.

About the Third Edition of Hoodwinked

Authored by grassroots organizers, movement strategists, and thought leaders from across our climate and environmental justice movements,​ the third edition of Hoodwinked in the Hothouse is an easy-to-read, concise-yet-comprehensive compendium of the false corporate promises that continue to hoodwink elected officials and the public, leading us down risky pathways poised to waste billions of public funds on a host of corporate snake-oil schemes and market-based mechanisms. These false solutions distract from the real solutions that serve our most urgent needs in an alarming climate justice moment of no-turning-back. By uncovering the pitfalls and risky investments being advanced by disaster capitalists to serve the needs of the biggest polluters on the planet, Hoodwinked also provides a robust framework for understanding the depth of real solutions, how they should be determined, and who should be envisioning and building them. As a pop-ed toolbox, Hoodwinked promises to be instructive for activists, impacted communities, and educators, while providing elected officials with critical lenses to examine a complex, technocratic field of climate change policy strategies, from local to national and international arenas.

With the proliferation of false solutions in the Paris Climate Agreement, and national and subnational climate plans, the third edition of Hoodwinked aims to provide a resource that dismantles the barriers to building a just transition and a livable future.

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