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Print Run Collaboration

Hoodwinked in the Hothouse: Resist False Solutions to Climate Change, 3rd edition has been a smash hit! We have more requests for books than we can keep up with.  

To date, we have distributed 20,000 English copies and 2,000 Spanish copies, including 2,000 shared at the UNFCCC COP26 in Glasgow, and by now these books have traveled to 6 continents! Along the way they have generated lots of momentum, suggestions for new translations, webinars, and other derivative works.

Now, after our fifth small print run, dozens of organizations are still waiting around for copies and we just cannot keep up with requests!

This is a problem… but you know what? It’s a very good kind of problem! And we are going to solve that problem. But we need your help.

The Hoodwinked Collaborative is initiating a “Print Run Collaboration” campaign. We are reaching out to all of the grassroots organizations who requested booklets, as well as some well-funded big green groups who may be interested in subsidizing those who cannot afford to pay and making sure that more of these books get into the hands of frontline community organizers and a wide variety of educators. We are also opening this crowd-funding campaign to the general public, because we have seen such high interest and we want these powerful books to be distributed as widely as possible.

Pooling our resources all together is so important. The way the printing industry works, when more copies are printed at one time, the price per piece goes down significantly. Rather than scraping together limited funds of just a few contributing organizations and getting another 2000 prints at a high price, instead we want to cast a very wide net, share the burden, and stock up with 20,000 prints (16,000 English and 4,000 Spanish)! Can you help us do it?

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Review the package options below and choose what is best for your organization/classroom/community.
  2. Fill out the form below to request booklets.  The deadline for orders is Sept 30.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email from hoodwinked@riseup.net instructing you how to pay and any other follow-up details.
  4. Payments will be made to Indigenous Environmental Network.  Payment by check is preferred (PayPal or other payment methods may be available).
  5. Send any questions to hoodwinked@riseup.net  

Here are options for packages you can order:

  • Package 1: Clear-eyed = 1-20 copies – sliding scale donation [$40 suggested donation for English, $55 suggested donation for Spanish]
    Frontline orgs can request up to 20 copies for any donation, even free if you just can’t afford to allocate any of your budget.  We know that not everyone has the means to invest in something like this, but if you are doing critical EJ work, then you need these books!  (if you’d like to request a larger number of books for free, please write to hoodwinked@riseup.net and we will work something out)
  • Package 2: Informed = 50 copies – $145 for English, $170 for Spanish
    For small orgs or teachers, you can request 50 copies and we will give you an affordable rate.
  • Package 3: Fact-checker = 100 copies – $240 for English, $290 for Spanish A deep discount for 1 full box as packed by the printer.  This is the standard option that we encourage most organizations to choose. 
  • Package 4: Debunker = 200 copies – $450 for English, $550 for Spanish
    We can offer slightly more discount if you order 2 boxes.
  • Package 5: Truth-teller = 500 copies – $1000 for English, $1275 for Spanish
    This is the cheapest per-piece that we can possibly do.  For large organizations to distribute widely among their networks.  We’d love to have more partners in our efforts to get this book into the hands of many diverse communities! 
  • Option 6: Solidarity Donation = any donation is greatly appreciated!

We welcome your generous gift!  Donations to the print run collaboration campaign will directly benefit those receiving free books to aid their work in frontline communities.  So, in lieu of or in addition to your order, please consider donating to help us distribute books more widely.